Safe, Reliable Emergency Oxygen

Introducing The R-90 Portable Emergency Oxygen Delivery System

Our mission is to provide a safe and reliable portable emergency oxygen system that can be placed in any location, wherever an emergency arises.

The technology was created as result of research collaborations on emergency transport ventilation delivery systems conducted through a strategic partnership between academia, industry, and the U.S. Department of Defense.  These collaborations focused developing novel treatment solutions for the critically ill and injured in austere environments ranging from combat casualty care to maternal-child health.

Part of this treatment paradigm necessitated development of pulmonary oxygen support in far forward areas where low weight requirements and lack of electrical or battery power limits the use of alternative oxygen delivery systems like oxygen concentrators and gas cylinders. The need for alternative sources of oxygen led to the development of the Rapid Oxygen Company, LLC solution. 

Rapid Oxygen Company, LLC was organized to become the exclusive manufacturing and distribution vehicle for the newly developed oxygen generation devices. 

R-90 product video. (c) 2016, Rapid Oxygen, Inc.


Gas cylinders are explosive, storage and logistical nightmares.  Oxygen concentrators require battery or electrical power, unavailable in a disatser scenario. These devices concentrate ambient air and can’t perform in disaster, often hazardous, environments .  The R-90 can be stored unattended for at least 2 years, is safe, non-explosive and always delivers medically pure oxygen.




The R-90 can be integrated with a rebreathing system as a personal rescue device for miners.

A prototype has been tested to qualify as a rescue unit approved by NIOSH (Nat’l. Institute for Safety & Health) domestically and internationally.  It is also mandated for use by every miner in 2015.




This is the only practical means for rescue at altitude or far forward areas where battery or electrical power, required for oxygen concentrators, is not available.  Gas cylinders can only be stockpiled at depots and are logistically difficult to transport and retrieve.